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Top Payment gateways in India

CCAvenue: It is the most popular and important gateway used in India. It processes almost all kind of cards, supports direct bank transfer and USD payments. No alternative gateway will match the services offered by the gateway. Although the gateway is totally reliable but it is also the most expensive service in the market.


  • Widest range of payment options
    Your customers can pay using 5 Credit Cards, 50 Debit Cards, 44+ Indian Net Banks, 4 Cash Cards and 2 Mobile Payments.
  • Highest Level of Security
    Stringent security measures ensures the security of critical and sensitive information – state-of-the-art security firewalls, PCI DSS 2.0 Compliance, VeriSign 128 bit SSL Technology, IndusGuard.


EBS : The services offered by EBS are next to CCAvenue.EBS is equally reliable and offers plans cheaper than other gateway services. It offers multiple plans along with some discounts. If you do not like any of them then you can select from the custom plans offered as per your needs.

Transecute: Transecute is one more payment gateway that’s gaining popularity in recent times mainly because of the services it offers. The best part is it does not charge any setup fee or withdrawal charges. The rate per transaction is 5% and it supports master and visa cards. The application is claimed to be processed within 15 days and one can withdraw weekly. Apart from that, in case a transaction is reversed the gateway also refunds the commission charged.

DirecPay: DirectPay is a Times group endeavor and is known for its fast and reliable services.

Benefits of DirecPay

  • One Gateway for Various Payments- DirecPay is a payment gateway solution that enables you to accept customer payments from credit cards, debit cards and net banking, all under one roof.
  • Watertight Security
  • Short Settlement Period– Settlement of payments made to you are done within 2 days, ensuring that your working capital is not blocked by the payment processing services.
  • Payment Alerts– Merchants receive alerts via email for every transaction conducted. They can track transaction details themselves by logging into the Merchant Information System (MIS).
  • Merchant Account Not Mandatory– Merchants need not open any additional bank account on being a DirecPay merchant. Settlements are made to the existing bank account of the merchant.


Paypal: Paypal is one of the most popular gateways over the internet. However, it is suitable for you only if you have to deal with international clients. The gateway is not suitable for purely Indian market customers as it does not deal in Indian currency and hence one has to pay additional currency conversion charges along with the per transaction charges.

ICICI Payseal : It is an ICICI bank venture and their rate per transaction charge is also very less. The only thing is the gateway requires java technology to integrate it and the company sometimes take long to set the deal.


Paysignet: Paysignet not only supports most major international and domestic cards however that offers earn and pay facility. As per the facility, one has to pay only half the amount during account setup. The remaining half can be paid when you actually start earning from your website and funds are collected by the gateway.

IndiaPay: Last but not the least, IndiaPay additionally supports multiple payment options accepting almost all cards along with the option to collect payment from international clients. It also offers you a comprehensive API along with fraud and risk management services.

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