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Easy Steps to Increase Page Rank

Many of webmasters may like to know “How to increase page rank” in quick and fast way.

1. Quality Content

2. Submit Your Site To Web Directories

An online directory is a directory on the planet Wide web that makes a speciality of linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. web directories typically allow webmaster to submit their site for inclusion.
Here’s the list of all the highest web directories you must take into account submitting your website to if you would like to boost page rank fast:
Web World Index
Pegasus Directory
Link Centre

3. Add a blog

Adding a blog to any web site offers your purchasers the chance to feature fresh content simply and frequently. Search engines love fresh content and if you encourage your client to update the journal on a minimum of a weekly basis, or hopefully even a lot of often, you may be giving them a distinct SEO advantage.

4. Create An RSS Feed

RSS will help you improve your page rank by permitting Google to index your web site quicker and easier. RSS or XML feeds enable your content to induce syndicated to RSS directories-thus increasing the speed at that your content spreads round the web.

5. Don’t Link To Just Anybody

6. Guest Post On Other-More Powerful Blogs
By bonding with other bloggers and webmasters, attempt to secure a guest author spot on other blogs. ensure these blogs have a higher page rank then yours. That way, when you’re planning to write a guest post, you will have a valuable high page rank back link to your website/blog.

7. Keep It Fresh

Google loves fresh content. to enhance your page rank-make bound to update your web site with contemporary, high quality content a minimum of double a weak roughly. That’s another excuse why blogs area unit thus SEO powerful.

8. Take Care of The 404 Pages

To find out whether your website got 404 pages use Google Webmaster Tools.

9. Add Google Analytics to each page
Google Analytics may be a free analytics code package that can provide your client with a spread of vital information regarding their web site and how it is activity in the search engines.

10. Create unique page

Google ranks the relevance of each web site consistent with the content it contains, and is often seeking relevant content not contained anyplace else on the internet. this suggests that the content of every page must be utterly different not simply from the other web site on the net, but additionally the other page on an equivalent web site. This raises the difficulty of duplicate content, the dread of all web site homeowners.

Put simply, if you publish any content that appears away on the internet, you run the danger of being unnoticed by search engines as a result of the formula are craving for content that sets your web site apart.

Unique content removes any such impediments from your web site and your style standards can support your clients’ SEO. it is additionally worthy stating that where you embrace snippets of knowledge contained on different pages among the location to tempt the visitor to follow the link, you run the danger of being punished for duplicate content. thus take care of the choice of words employed in the snippets in order that it provides a outline without repeating any of the words really used.

11. Use meta description tags for all pages

12. Remove repetitive wording from the website layout

13. Add footer links to each page

14. Produce a separate web content for every keyword or keyword phrase

15. Use keyword made title tags on every page

16. Special backlinks: Links from Wikipedia, .Gov and .Edu ar considered special. B’cos, not solely these sites ar authoritative however conjointly its extremely troublesome to get a backlink from these sites. At least, you should try your luck to get a link from Wikipedia.

17. Internal linking structure:  you should leverage it to extend Page rank fast. be careful while selecting associate anchor text to link an internal post. Anchor text matters, even in internal hyper-linking. at least two to four internal links works wonder.

18. Clean committal to writing and site structure:  yes, it affects Google page rank. Your journal or site should be W3 compatible. Check your site for committal to writing error here. Navigation, breadcrumbs and site maps are vital.

19. Page loading speed:  Google loves fast loading websites.

21. Domain age

21. Dedicated IP address:  you would possibly take into account for an ardent IP address for your domain. Sometimes, attributable to spammy activity of one webmaster from associate IP address ends up in restriction/ ban for all the registered domains from the same IP address.

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